State of Education


Rising to the challenge:
examining the pressures on schools
and how they are responding

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Each year we survey a selection of our members to get their views on the state of education.

This year, 1,182 school leaders and 1,257 governors from mainstream schools in England completed the full survey.

Our 2017 State of Education report explores the challenges and priorities in school leadership today, as well as how schools are responding to pressures head on. Topics include:



of school leaders have seen an increase in stress/anxiety/panic attacks among pupils over the past two years


of school leaders expect budget pressures/lack of funding to be their biggest challenge over the next academic year


of schools are putting counselling in place to help support pupils' wellbeing


of school leaders think that the level of pressure on schools from school performance measures has increased in the last two years


of school leaders think that better work-life balance would do most to encourage more people to get into teaching


of both primary and secondary school leaders think the curriculum should include more core life skills

Despite the challenging landscape, school leaders remain dedicated to the profession. Here are just some of the reasons why they love what they do:

My colleagues - we are all in it together and have a strong sense of togetherness to get each other through tough times.

The students, they keep you grounded, surprise you, support you and give you goose bumps when they do amazing things, or tiny thoughtful things.

No two days are ever the same. Where else do you get to work with adults and children who brighten even the dullest day?